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Meria with Jim Fetzer, former Marine Corps Officer. Memorial Day from a Veteran’s perspective; Why are we in Afghanistan and will we ever leave? Think precious minerals, lithium, poppy fields, oil; USA is looting Afghanistan the same way they looted America; Bin Laden & Saddam Hussein – how many deaths do they get? “Mission Accomplished”? Yvonne Wachter interview (see archives); all the crash sites on 9/11 were fabricated; enriched uranium in Iraq, new weapon; why were the towers targeted on 9/11? Flights 11 & 77 weren’t even scheduled to fly that day, and the other two weren’t decommissioned until 2005; why no attempt at rescue or recovery at Shanksville? Holography; real videos – fake planes/real planes -fake video? Check out the latest video discussed on the show; 9/11 Conference in Vancouver in June; Live on location; where is the anti-war movement on 9/11? Living in a total police state; JFK fakery – Billy Lovelady; George HW Bush and JFK; and much more.

**Beginning in July Jim will be a regular monthly co-host!

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