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Meria Interviews Miko Peled, Israeli-American activist, author, speaker on Palestinian Nakba Day, and Israeli Independence Day. Following the path of the Buddha; the destruction of Palestine by white supremacist racists; the creation of Israel; the holocaust and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians (continues to today); false narratives believed as truths; Zionism vs. Judaism; the biblical narrative/myth; the Balfour Declaration of 1917; the term anti-semite; trump and Netanyahu; democracy? democracy for privileged whites in USA; democracy for Jews in Israel; West Bank; Golan Heights; US foreign policy written by Israel; the BDS movement; Olive trees; Congress; AIPAC; Mordechai Vanunu; Ahed Tamimi; real truth, real hero.

Meria With Leon R. Walker Jr, activist, motivational speaker, author of “Broken, the Survival Instincts of a Child”. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month & Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Leon survived a horrific childhood of abuse and turned into a champion for survivors. The lack of real justice in America; black vs. white, rich vs poor in our justice system; How to stop the cycle of abuse; suicide prevention; how to survive abuse; tell someone; child abuse is soul stealing; triggers & flashbacks; What’s a woman to do? boys get raped too; abuse usually comes from people you know and trust; black stereotypes in the 1970s and today; advise for victims. Eliminate negative people from your life. Very impactful show

Awaken With Meria and Monnica. Today is all about Usui Reiki. Learn what Reiki (ray-key) is all about. Hands on healing vs. Reiki – what’s the difference? grounding, centering, protection; Jesus on healing; Reiki positions; shortcuts; Meria’s been a Reiki Master since 1991; your chakras; clearing karma; developing intuition; healing yourself and others; the three levels of Reiki and what each offers; intentions matter; bumping up your frequency; your aura; physical and mental clearing; “Just for today”..; exercise discretion in who you choose to attune you. Remember: true spirituality is simple and fun. Monnica & Meria have close to 100 years of training between them.


Hell & High Water, with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. Twitter-Meria-trump-Ilhan; the MSM is responsible for trump; Pete Buttigieg; Georgia Engel died; Religion dying in America; millennials; plastics in ocean; oil & gas economy; GOP against wind power; the irregularities of the burning of Notre Dame-who benefits? No mention of the Mosque burned in Jerusalem same day; JW’s,Catholics, Pope Benedict; is “christianity” under attack? theocracy in America? tis the season of sacrifice; check out Michael Feeley’s work; black farmers in America; Wikileaks-Assange-trump; drug prices rise; tax cut and your taxes; undercutting women’s choice; Obamacare and much more.

Tragedy and Hope, with Meria & Richard Grove. Waking up; learning is fun; do you live your life by others telling you what to do? How to break free; learned helplessness is a symptom; Naturopaths vs. Alopathic doctors; Trader Joe’s; silent or loud protests? focus on your goals and dreams; cell phones; tech culture; how to use your time; happiness, satisfaction, success; MSM is word salad – want news? Subscribe to Meria. What is autonomy? economic self reliance; America 1955; fascism or freedom? email Meria at Meria@Meria.net to set up an enrollment call. Your life is what you make it.


The Bigger Picture with Meria & Michael Reccia. Michael’s new book is here “The Spaces Between,Unseen Forces That Shape Your Life”. this is the last book in the Joseph series; the Field and the Fall; planet set to negative energy – how to avoid it; the oneness of life; we have to start caring before it’s all destroyed; the Earth matters! Raising your vibration is essential; Reiki; your signature light; protect yourself prior to spiritual work; what is in the unseen? influences that affect us mentally and physically; OBE’s; thought forms; parasitical beings; protect your Chakras; re-member yourself; knowledge is power; spirituality is a way of life; spirituality is fun and simple; inject your divinity into everything you do.

 Meria with Bev Conover, Editor and Publisher of the Intrepid Report. Journalists and integrity; separate zionism from Judaism; anti-semitism; Attacks on Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -not white supremacists in office; Marco Rubio’s tweet to kill Maduro; impeachment; Pence-worse; socialism and dumb Americans; Alabama tornadoes vs. Puerto Rico & Calif; the Constitution; 2020; dangerous judges in place by trump; Joe Biden? deficit up 77%; destroying what’s left of America; the lies of Don Jr; “The Sound of Silence”; the Chinese “massage” parlors; trump/Epstein/Dershowitz; Venezuela; sanctions; Mueller; Mark Meadows; token black and more insanity.

Hell & High Water, with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. Hypocritical outrages; Virginia -AIPAC; racism, rape, etc; Ilhan Omar on AIPAC;Analyst racism; what happened to the MAGA bomber? Another trump fan attacks BBC reporter at latest trump cult rally; trumps obsessed with size, lies; trump guilty of inciting violence; ignorance as an excuse; free speech? trump vs. Native Americans; casinos; women in power; new dems vs the old dems; Beto vs. trump 15,000 to trumps 6500; the Central Park 5; ageism; nuclear weapons; SOTU; the wall, morals dictated by the immoral; tax deductions gone for blue States and lots more.

The Bigger Picture, with Meria and Michael Reccia.Michael’s new book soon to be released; parallel realms; Core IQ; what is intelligence? interacting with this world and others; illusion of reality; heart and mind; Earth is talking; everything is talking; are you listening? harmony and love; respect the Earth; human survival; what is love? the negative collective consciousness and how to avoid it; “social” media? why are people so angry? The Ballad of John & Yoko; miracles – are they real? Devas, the animal kingdom; oneness with all; personal responsibility; make a difference; your home and lots more.

Meria Interviews John Potash on his new film “Drugs As Weapons Against Us“. thanks to CIA,FBI, Police whistleblowers the truth about the war on US with drugs is revealed; Dave McGowan’s work; the Sacklers today’s drug dealers; doctors and their 2nd hand guilt; The “elite” family of drugs & bankers; HSBC & JP Morgan Chase; the Federal Reserve; eugenics; the racist genocidal movement; Nazi’s & MK Ultra; Ecstasy and the DEA; Afghanistan & Vietnam; what about cannabis? Timothy Leary-CIA agent; George HW Bush and the drug trade; rappers and drugs; infiltration; from John Lennon to Rappers..everyone should see this film. Like I always say “only thing I trust govt to do is kill us all”.

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