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Calamities around the world, from Puerto Rico to Africa; “The World Is A Ghetto”; Jimmy Carter, JFK, Obama, trump; the true controllers; the movie “They Live”; Rich and powerful get away with murder; Hillary; impeachment; the lies on Iran; The Shah of Iran; terrorism; MSM; more news from late night hosts; protests in Iran? social media used as mind control; Isolation; Harry & Meghan; “The Irishman”; Sebastian Maniscalco; loss of critical thinking and loads more

Meria With Bev ConoverYear In Review; 2020 on deck; what have we lost? can we get back on track; question everything – who benefits? foreign policy; Who’s to blame; limited hangouts; Baghdad; MSM lies from JFK to trump; Putin & trump; Cuba; Guiliani & Venezuela; Clinton impeached for wrong reason; the Post Office; young people; civics; impeachment then and now; why no emoluments charges? Nixon & MSM; rumps mental state; golf costs; the budget bill; “Secure Act”; Medicare”advantage” plan; where’s the healthcare? The Family; Bernie; end Citizen’s United; constant election cycles and more.


“So this is Christmas”; homelessness; kids in cages; Don’t celebrate the messenger unless you got the message; 1984 & Brave New World blend, when does it end? Main stream “media” vs. voices for truth; Katie Kadan; Shooting Stars from Elvis to Hendrix; Our views on last week’s debate; Wine Cave and Eyes Wide Shut; “The Family” series; A Christmas Carol with Guy Pierce; charity, empathy, love; The Witcher; random acts of kindness; anti-social media; Isolation is a killer – smile, befriend; impeachment hearings; 2020 – a year of clear vision and lots more.

Meria with Donald Jeffries “Crimes & Cover Ups in American Politics 1776-1963“; Crushing dissent and free speech on “social media”; money buys social media; Harvey Weinstein-two sets of laws; our system of injustice; public defenders & plea deals; The Afghanistan Papers trillions wasted -cut food stamps; trump on Judaism; taxation without representation; consent of the governed? history repeats itself; Average worker earns less than $30,000 a year; Bob Chapman; the war on seniors; “Minority Report”; why no babies? living paycheck to paycheck while the rich get richer; the Stock Market and trump; Vanity Fair on the market; shootings at our bases and loads more.

 The Bigger Picture, with Meria and Michael Reccia. Don’t let your guard down; why to close your chakras; light attracts darkness; psychic vampires; chaos in crowds; Christmas, a dangerous time of year; the messenger vs. the message; devolving as a species since the Fall; we are more than just physical; social media? 5G and the dangers to all life; we are all equally powerful, get into action; creating a better world; give the gift of light; technology taking over; free will; life expectancy and suicides; why? do you feel displaced? you are a blindfolded angel; the wonder of the young generation and lots more.

Meria with Richie Allen, broadcaster. Fabulous show with Richie. Start off with some fun topics: Ben Portsmouth – Elvis – Motown; Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon by Dave McGowan; real history; The East India Tea Company; Columbus; we are peppered with lies and false history from birth; 6 Corps. run all media leaving good authors in the lurch; Markle & Harry; James Hewitt; Prince Charles & Jimmy Savile; Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein; The “Queen”; ABC/Royals/Epstein; Gideon Bull and anti-semitism hysteria; Bernie Sanders; Hillary & Boris and much more.

What happened to the futuristic world of the 1964 World’s Fair? What did 1963 have to do with it? Where’s the talks for PEACE? solutions? boomers vs. Millennials – latest trigger; On demand society; Generation X; JFK and a timeline shift; all leadership taken out; 2020 – civil war? GOP/Christians; impeachment hearings; from JFK to trump; Roger Stone & Nixon; Jimmy Carter; cold snap; “this too shall pass”; Tesla-trump-Bush; we are now paid mercenaries for Saudi Arabia; MSM responsible for trump; free advertising 24/7;the balloon stabber and more

Meria Interviews Bev Conover, Publisher and Editor of Intrepid Report.

The elections last night; election 2000 recount; Ky & Va go BLUE; Jim Jordan; Nixon; Sondeman Quid pro quo; public hearings next week; impeachment; trump moves to Florida; Paula White; separation of church & state? losing our freedoms; where’s the MSM? Bernie & Warren; the selective news; trumps wall; enemy of all life on Earth; New York & trump; Fox “news”; coverage for all; the debates; corporations as people; trumps ta returns; Pompeo & Hannity; Tesla & George Trump; dead eyes; and more.

10/22/19 Meria on the Ochelli Effect. Chuck was kind enough to send me the audio of our show to post. Totally different show than Hell & High Water today. Enjoy.

Hell & High Water, with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. Obstruction; Syria & Kurds-is it for “peace”; JFK; Dennis Kucinich; trump towers-Turkey; Jimmy Carter on trump; tales to tell in future realities; humans are dangerous; Gaia; governments vs. the people; All governments run by bullies; how to deal with bullies; pollution; deaths every day; water issues; infrastructure; border wall or Saguaro’s? Greta; last generation; generational engineering; voting for change? the “high” road; dangerous times for truth tellers and more.


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