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Meria interviews Vedic Astrologer and Author Gurmeet Singh. Fascinating show. Western astrology vs. Vedic Astrology; KP astrology; his predictions on Covid 19, Steve Jobs, trump, economy are amazing; He foresaw the “invisible enemy”; re-opening; changes coming Sept 24; After Jan. 21 less death from Covid; bad time for the USA through 2022; will the economy recover? when? things take a downturn for trump in Oct/Nov; investigations, health; the election; 2 things can happen; Predicted Kamala as VP and Obama in 2012; daily horoscopes vs. real astrology; His book “Relationship Compatability Astrology For Love, Intimacy & Business”. Can you predict compatibility? sexuality; divorce; health; love, violence tendencies?

Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli.

Coronavirus; we have no consistency, no leadership, no direction; Russia’s “vaccine”; the world looks at the USA in horror; Bill Gates; unemployment; Larry Kudlow; trumps insanity worsens along with his lies; Biden; christian “right”; schools reopening; Amazon-South Park; Post Office; Elliott Abrams; Secret Service; “shooting”? near White House; JFK; deep state? it’s OUT in the OPEN; Dan Quayle; John Edwards; America has lost it’s moral compass.

 Meria With Greg Palast – How Trump Stole 2020.

Greg Palast, investigative reporter, guest on the show since 2000 returns with his latest MUST READ book “How Trump Stole 2020”. He gives loads of SOLUTIONS to steal our votes BACK. How trump stole 2016; this is not a prediction but a call to arms; George W. stole 2000; expanded sophisticated methods today; apartheid elections; ending the purge; 16.7 Million purged; check your registration and vote; mail in votes; gerrymandering; Kemp vs. Abrams; rise of Kim Crow; Kris Kobach-KKK; Supreme Court’s poll tax and more.

We talk about the news and how his books “Survival of the Richest” and “Bullyocracy” apply; stimulus money to the rich and cronies; the king of bullies-trump; Lt.Col. Vindman resigns from military due to WH bullying; celebrities and churches got billions; Pence’s church; 1 1/2 billion to dead people; illegals; wage slaves; paying less; killing the middle class; 92% of the market owned by top 10%; social security; JFK Jr to RFK Jr; idiocracy; nationwide anxiety; coronavirus; guaranteed income; Epstein-Maxwell and much more.

Working with the elements; natural or supernatural? fire, rain, drought; can this pandemic be a blessing? Meria & Pele; everything has consciousness; honoring spirit and spirit keepers; the Medicine Wheel; miracles are normal; light and sound; how to clear energies; tools; intentions; the journey and how to enjoy it; why some readings don’t predict certain events; free will; Akashic records; the power of mass consciousness and more.

The Bigger Picture with Meria & Michael Reccia.

Today we go deeper into Michael’s  latest book “The Spaces Between, Unseen Forces that Shape Your Life”. the need for light more than ever; protests; coronavirus a symptom ; world in a tinderbox; how to defuse violence & ignorance; same lessons; is anyone coming to “save” us; aliens; unseen beings; creativity; responsibility; Space X; Earth’s “no fly” zone; quarantine; pollution; uptick in death; reincarnation; do the dead say goodbye? what about pets? work your spirituality; positives; love.

Drop in crime during Covid 19; can good come out of bad? unemployment nightmare; Post Office; stimulus; trumps words vs. Biden; Mick Mulvaney; cops murder another black man; white woman falsely accuses black man; what changes? the disconnect of our “leaders”; white armed protesters vs. driving while black; amping up the racial divide with trumps dog whistles; Choice?; Central Park 5; Emmet Till; “Mississippi Burning”; the documentary: AKA Jane Roe (Hulu) and much more.

Michigan floods and trumps threats; Postmaster general replaced by crony – vote by mail? election fraud; replay of 2016; Biden; Weld; Amash; solutions; new “norm”? freedom? laws are never repealed; Prep Act; vaccines; Bio Shield Act; no warrant to spy on all of us; Agenda 2030; contact tracing; proof of vaccine? banks; bioweapon or happy accident; go back to work? Bill: HR6666; ACLU doing amazing work; pro choice/pro life hypocrites; well on our way to total fascism and much more.

Meria with Bev Conover, Editor and Publisher of Intrepid Report

Coronavirus confusion; bewildering; robbing us blind; “A Guide For the Married Man”; drink bleach? flip flip trump; pressers; suicides; missed treatments; hospitals/prisons; who benefits? PPP; stimulus? Federal Reserve; price of gas vs. oil; food prices; tracking/tracing; Paranoia-The Kinks; universal health care; herd immunity; perfect storm; the food chain; globalization. Can anything good come out of this?

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