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Katrina vs. Ida; Biden vs.Bush; evacuating Lake Tahoe; bridge collapse in Miss.; insurance a disaster; covid; roll of the dice; Afghanistan – Bush’s war thanks to the Supreme Court; the Taliban; American Taliban; we put the Taliban in power; minerals; Iraq looted; Newsmax; Texas abortion law & Supremes; Florida and masks; democrats in 2022; the Calif. recall; homeless and evictions; “christian” nation? Rachel Maddow; sell outs; Spike Lee; Guiliani on 9/11 and today; how about a maximum wage? free lunch; atheists vs.”believers” and lots more.

How to combat the fear thrown at us 24/7; segregation of vaccinated & un-vaccinated; spirituality being suppressed deliberately; the light within is unstoppable; raise vibrations; people eventually come to their senses; insidious evil permeating society; unseen forces at work; sending light to darkness; fear conditions people; what’s the ultimate plan? Michael’s new work; what to do if you are forced to take a vaccine; Reiki; you are never alone; find your true self, not your ego; Earth is cleansing and ascending; Earth is a spirit that hosts us; interacting with the elements and elementals; we need a spiritual base.

Roman Empire & USA; green pass in Italy & protests; drug testing/vaccine testing; wealth supremacy; Bezos & taxes; trans humanism; 6th mass extinction; Florida condo; sea walls; Moon wobble; web of life; January 6th and September 11; My Pillow; Tom Barrack; Matt Gaetz; what are the democrats doing? 2022 elections; the House Select Committee; Brett Kavanaugh; pitting vaccinated against unvaccinated; racism at the Olympics and lots more.

 Meria With Gary Stuart – Raising Your Harmonious Child.

Gary Stuart bestseller author joins Meria to discuss his latest book “Raising Your Harmonious Child, 21st Century Parenting for a Positive Legacy”. (see archives for earlier show 9/6/16); Depressed, drugged, murdering children; patterns in family issues; child abuse comes in many forms – we survived but don’t need to perpetuate it; misogyny; neo-nazi’s, incels; operating from fear; cultural fear & pressure; generational anger; unresolved issues; Harry & Meagan; birth rates dropping; your legacy; can you love a child too much? Guilt -sideways anger; damaging the soul; divorce on children and much more.

Chuck celebrates his 2,000th show; pants on backwards or on fire? Q and trumps “reinstatement”; Biden’s national voting law; Manchin; Biden’s DOJ defending trump? Merrick Garland and Oklahoma City; the system protects itself; the filibuster -tool of obstruction; back to paper? Bernie; Israel; Kamala Harris; same political lies and promises; free vaccine? free milk; GOP on investigation of Capitol insurrection; Gay Pride Month & DeSantis; Kaitlen Jenner; labels; trump is the disease and a symptom and lots more.

Our parents and todays world; we are in the soup; energies & frequencies very dense now; totally materialistic without concern for the sacred; serious illnesses amping up; people choosing to leave; hypnotize yourself daily; history; everything is being attacked or cancelled; “The Fall”; the Barabbas Effect-making the wrong choice; motivation; cell phones; people in power give no thought to their future; Angelic intention; truth; creativity; “Your Life After Death”; live from your heart, we are free souls.

Another mass shooting in S.C.; George Floyd case; migrant kids abused; Biden on gun control; Kentucky expands voting rights; GOP threatens supporters; corporate taxes; Georgia; MLB; Tiger Woods reckless driving; more assaults on Asian Americans; Iran; Israel; Russia; Navalny; monitoring those who got vaccines; vaccine stats; Florida’s radioactive flood; teens get away with murder; headline news; Matt Gaetz; police brutality; My Pillow; Wayne La Pierre; GOP women hire Gaetz; Texas evictions; burial funds; Merrick Garland; Palestine; Olympics; more gun murders; rape weapon of war; trump lawyers up; and loads more news.

Do animals have souls? our familiars, the devas; What is evil? evil is about control and manipulation; The Fall; we have become un-balanced in a “godless” world; the fear of the different; cancel culture; Steps against evil; gender fluidity; labels; what are we really? Mr. Potato Head; chest-feeding? transgenders; where’s your focus? global insanity; cancelled the spiritual, thus this world; golden image; Groundhog day; The planets reaction to our actions; is there sex after death? blisss; raise your vibration to move forward; the film “Philadelphia” and lots more. The time is now to read ALL of Michael’s books.

Psychotropic plants and healing; what are we burning up? Post trump stress disorder; food as medicine; the natural world and our disrespect for it; Ted Cruz off to Cancun – why do people excuse these types? LBJ; the myth of America; AOC; the impeachment lawyers; accountability; Merrick Garland; Supreme Court and trumps taxes; Melania and don; Guiliani & Lindell; is your feeling dread in the morning gone? the benefits of movies, laughter and lots more.

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