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Working with the elements; natural or supernatural? fire, rain, drought; can this pandemic be a blessing? Meria & Pele; everything has consciousness; honoring spirit and spirit keepers; the Medicine Wheel; miracles are normal; light and sound; how to clear energies; tools; intentions; the journey and how to enjoy it; why some readings don’t predict certain events; free will; Akashic records; the power of mass consciousness and more.

The Bigger Picture with Meria & Michael Reccia.

Today we go deeper into Michael’s  latest book “The Spaces Between, Unseen Forces that Shape Your Life”. the need for light more than ever; protests; coronavirus a symptom ; world in a tinderbox; how to defuse violence & ignorance; same lessons; is anyone coming to “save” us; aliens; unseen beings; creativity; responsibility; Space X; Earth’s “no fly” zone; quarantine; pollution; uptick in death; reincarnation; do the dead say goodbye? what about pets? work your spirituality; positives; love.

Drop in crime during Covid 19; can good come out of bad? unemployment nightmare; Post Office; stimulus; trumps words vs. Biden; Mick Mulvaney; cops murder another black man; white woman falsely accuses black man; what changes? the disconnect of our “leaders”; white armed protesters vs. driving while black; amping up the racial divide with trumps dog whistles; Choice?; Central Park 5; Emmet Till; “Mississippi Burning”; the documentary: AKA Jane Roe (Hulu) and much more.

Michigan floods and trumps threats; Postmaster general replaced by crony – vote by mail? election fraud; replay of 2016; Biden; Weld; Amash; solutions; new “norm”? freedom? laws are never repealed; Prep Act; vaccines; Bio Shield Act; no warrant to spy on all of us; Agenda 2030; contact tracing; proof of vaccine? banks; bioweapon or happy accident; go back to work? Bill: HR6666; ACLU doing amazing work; pro choice/pro life hypocrites; well on our way to total fascism and much more.

Meria with Bev Conover, Editor and Publisher of Intrepid Report

Coronavirus confusion; bewildering; robbing us blind; “A Guide For the Married Man”; drink bleach? flip flip trump; pressers; suicides; missed treatments; hospitals/prisons; who benefits? PPP; stimulus? Federal Reserve; price of gas vs. oil; food prices; tracking/tracing; Paranoia-The Kinks; universal health care; herd immunity; perfect storm; the food chain; globalization. Can anything good come out of this?

Meria interviews Dave Gardner, executive director of World Population Balance. Does overpopulation have anything to do with the coronavirus? 8 billion and counting; forcing women to breed; planet overshoot; AI; choice; billboard campaign; One child campaign; poverty and overpopulation; pollution & overpopulation; why such a taboo subject? Why do the poor have so many kids? education, family planning; consumption; 8.8 million die every yr from air pollution; the speed of the coronavirus; many species going extinct; 29 seasons left for soil? is economic growth all that matters? the film “Chasing Ice”; going vegan; what we can do.

Round robin on the madness; beyond demand supply concept; shipping from trucks to planes; economy has been collapsing; corporate culture; greed & power over life; cooking; the poor stay poor; what happened to upward mobility; cloth vs. paper; how to get thru this; Cuomo vs.trump; seniors or the economy (madness from the”pro life” gang); the goals of the maniacs -Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, etc; opined crisis kills, no action; air pollution; Mother Earth seems to have sent us all to our rooms; Religion, spirituality; 2020 the year of clarity one way or the other; stay out of fear and in the present.

The coronavirus fears; intentional release? What messages are being received; How long will this last? Why has this been released on the planet? complacencies; the “I Am” is love; love conquers fear; music -the international language of love – Italy & Jerusalem; music as a healing vibration and it’s all vibration; enjoy the education on site during this period; ignore, observe & take action; we all pick our entry and exit; health and tips to boost your immune system; tips and tricks to boost your morning; fill the void and much more useful information. Monnica’s special.

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