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Excellent investigative author John Potash returns to discuss his latest book “The FBI War On Tupac Shakur, State Repression of Black Leaders From the Civil Rights Era to the 1990’s”.  Tupac still appreciated by today’s youth; murdered at 25 thanks to the CIA’s war on activists; Why? the Black Panthers; black political rappers targeted; NYPD & LAPD & US Intel; cointelpro; Dave McGowan; Alan Freed; Who was Russell Poole and why were Stallone, DiCaprio & Depp’s movies canned? Death Row Records; the FBI & Tupac; 4,000 pages on Tupac with FBI; the controlled music/media industry; Tupac’s parents; several attempts on his life; tortured in prison; Benjamin Crump;Malcolm X, MLK;  the Big 6-Mainstream Media & CIA; totalitarianism and lots more.

The epidemic of mental illness among children; Worldwide tyranny as history repeats itself; stay out of fear; remember the power is within YOU; light illuminates and cleanses; same reincarnated people in power; the unreported worldwide protests; MSM hypes the fear; the stomping out of spirituality; evil adores chaos; do what you can; what’s happened to parenting? violence feeds the Field and boomerangs back; children are part of each other; children need rest and silence; can devas have children? kids and fairies; Findhorn Gardens; animal souls and more.

Roe vs.Wade; Amy Barrett lied; Terry Schiavo & Jeb Bush; there are no shortages, only corporate greed; class warfare; the great resignation; crazy Congress; SCOTUS is political; pack the court? Court system; Malcolm X; heroes of the 60’s; redistricting and the vote; Merrick Garland useless; trauma-masks or school shootings? govt infiltration; useless MSM; Dr. Oz for Senate? Rittenhouse; US is like the rise of Nazi Germany and loads more.

Todays theme is “Prosperity As Our Divine Right”; focus matters; we are unlimited; connect to love; importance of self love; watch your thoughts and words; focus on the inside not the outside; let go and let “god”; Pattern interrupt; what is a trigger; be ready to receive; “I am directed, protected and connected”; nature is abundant, we are part of it; your Universal Bank; divine right, divine order; live consciously; take care of #1; rating your life and more.

Katrina vs. Ida; Biden vs.Bush; evacuating Lake Tahoe; bridge collapse in Miss.; insurance a disaster; covid; roll of the dice; Afghanistan – Bush’s war thanks to the Supreme Court; the Taliban; American Taliban; we put the Taliban in power; minerals; Iraq looted; Newsmax; Texas abortion law & Supremes; Florida and masks; democrats in 2022; the Calif. recall; homeless and evictions; “christian” nation? Rachel Maddow; sell outs; Spike Lee; Guiliani on 9/11 and today; how about a maximum wage? free lunch; atheists vs.”believers” and lots more.

How to combat the fear thrown at us 24/7; segregation of vaccinated & un-vaccinated; spirituality being suppressed deliberately; the light within is unstoppable; raise vibrations; people eventually come to their senses; insidious evil permeating society; unseen forces at work; sending light to darkness; fear conditions people; what’s the ultimate plan? Michael’s new work; what to do if you are forced to take a vaccine; Reiki; you are never alone; find your true self, not your ego; Earth is cleansing and ascending; Earth is a spirit that hosts us; interacting with the elements and elementals; we need a spiritual base.

Roman Empire & USA; green pass in Italy & protests; drug testing/vaccine testing; wealth supremacy; Bezos & taxes; trans humanism; 6th mass extinction; Florida condo; sea walls; Moon wobble; web of life; January 6th and September 11; My Pillow; Tom Barrack; Matt Gaetz; what are the democrats doing? 2022 elections; the House Select Committee; Brett Kavanaugh; pitting vaccinated against unvaccinated; racism at the Olympics and lots more.

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