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Psychotropic plants and healing; what are we burning up? Post trump stress disorder; food as medicine; the natural world and our disrespect for it; Ted Cruz off to Cancun – why do people excuse these types? LBJ; the myth of America; AOC; the impeachment lawyers; accountability; Merrick Garland; Supreme Court and trumps taxes; Melania and don; Guiliani & Lindell; is your feeling dread in the morning gone? the benefits of movies, laughter and lots more.


Rittenhouse on the loose; two separate laws; cops; Covid; vaccines; Biden’s executive orders; ICE-rogue agency; trump; Marjorie Greene; Russia; Myanmar; when rent comes due; Mayorkas confirmed; Buttigieg confirmed; Bezos steps down; Navalny; Newsom; Hal Holbrook dead; Mitch vs. Marjorie; GQP; SpaceX; 1/6/21; impeachment; Stimulus; tax the rich; Covid on decline; Tony Bennett; Jen Psaki; GOP bills to make voting harder; Stacey Abrams; Israel; 46 new oligarchs; headline news; QAnon disappoints; and more news.

 Meria with Bev Conover, Publisher -Intrepid Report.

Change has to happen or it will happen again ; building up to this for years; Gohmert’s threats; Sedition; Impeachment; Pelosi; democracy? tools of money people; trumps call to Georgia; trumps mental state; Kushner; trump destroyed the presidency and the country; Antifa? Nashville terrorist; socialism; lack of education; Scotland; MarALago; trump need to be prosecuted; Mistakes of the past; media’s part; Bush Sr & Jr; Post office mess; 2021; Biden; Georgia election and more.

 Meria interviews author Dan P. McAdams on his latest book “The Strange Case of Donald J. Trump, A Psychological Reckoning”.

trump: mesmerizing and unique, no one else like him; he is a reality t.v. star 24/7; he is a character not a full fledged person; PTSD; stable genius?superman? why his fans adore him; he is more than a person, and less than a person; he has no story; what you see is what you get; there is no thinking here; no empathy; episodic man; lies with impunity; has to win at all cost; there is no “deep” with him; does he have a mental illness? is he a national security threat? running out of lawyers; what he’s capable of doing after leaving office and much more. I highly recommend this book especially for his mesmerized fans.

2020 brought clarity on so many issues; Janet Yellen -old establishment returns; markets up; GSA gives in; the system still wins; the run off in Georgia; unemployment, food lines, evictions, job cuts; Texas; Georgia; Hillary vs. Melania; trumps family of grifters; Ben Carson’s “healing” cost $650,000; free milk-now free vaccines? electoral college; checks and balances ? Jimmy Carter and the CFR; armed madhouse; Rudy; Rittenhouse; Covid 19 vaccines-nanoparticles and RNA; experimental; inflammation; brain fog; Perdues, Mercers and Sacklers; trumps loose lips and more.

Meria speaks with Bev Conover, publisher, editor of the Intrepid Report.

trump supporters try to invade ICU’s; cleanest election in years; Pence and the 25th Amendment; fired by tweet; censorship on social media; New Yorkers always knew about trump; Lindsay Graham should be arrested; holding trump accountable – will Joe? democrats don’t learn; Biden-more of the same; Pelosi; the impeachment; trump is ruined; Covid 19; Florida; DeSantis; Texas; Latinos; Native Americans; the vaccines; hate crimes up  in 2019; GOP’s future-party of the rich; Bernie & progressives; hoarding again; the rushed Amy Barrett and loads more.

The election fiasco (never in 70 yrs have I seen anything like this); trumps sets Barr on election, top prosecutor quits; trumps dangerous firings; Mark Esper fired on twitter; GSA & Melania blocking peaceful transition of government; Georgia-thank you to Greg Palast and Stacy Abrams; Chuck’s facts on Georgia; covering stolen elections; covering trump is literally sickening; will trumps prosecution happen? Obamacare and the Supremes; Steve Bannon threats; Rudy Guiliani’s press conference; Putin’s timing of stepping down; Russia and 2016 election; SNL;Family Guy; trumps dance music; lame duck capable of anything; world view on USA and election and lots more.

Inexperienced Amy Barrett; Illegimate Supreme Court; more politician than judge; religious rule; religious interpretation of the constitution; 6 conservatives picked by GOP; ACA, abortion, elections on the line; trigger laws; Racist Jared; LBJ on racism; Lesley Stahl getting death threats; death panels in Utah; energetic effects of trump & Covid; Biden’s stutter; Town Halls; Justice Dept; Obama; trump on seniors; Borat Movie; MSM enabled trump all the way and more news.

YouTube, Twitter & f/b; Kamala Harris; sham of confirmation of Handmaid Barrett; LAPD; GOP’s fake ballot boxes; Covid on the rise; European shut downs; pollution; endangered species & fires; Barron; dud story on Hunter; Bill Barr in hot water; huge voter turnout; emoluments clause useless; Rudy; battling town halls; census halted by supremes; lawsuits abound; kidnapping of Virginia’s governor discussed; radiation and fracking; trumps lunacy; WTO; Belarus; Netanyahu; Barrett vs. the public; stimulus? and loads more news.

 Meria With Bev Conover, The Intrepid Report.

The horror show- debate; compare JFK & Nixon to what we’ve become; world’s view of debate;  Chris Wallace; 4 yr nightmare; stand downs stand by?; mail in ballots; RBG; money is the problem; trumps taxes and debts; Obamacare; election mess; Pelosi; the govt. works for us; injustice; inequality; re-education; Wesley Snipes & Capone; fires in Calif – on Federal land; Qanon garbage; Brad Parscale and more.

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