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 Hell and High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. The circus of trump; France -rain; Arlington-rain; No.Korea trumped trump; Market drop; midterms a referendum; Acosta; the entitled; no human compassion/empathy-only blame; 85 investigations, will they be limited? the new progressives elected; Whitaker; Is trump sick; Maryland and Rosenstein; Ocasio; Bernie-crats; Sinema’s win; Puerto Rico, California; trump hates his own people; cybersecurity? Antifa? MSM and their sponsors; Stan Lee’s death; Corsi & Stone; women vs.Bannon; thumb drives; Nixon; Senate only represents 18% of us; Military abused; vote count and elections; what happened to the “caravan” and lots more.

  Meria interviews Elizabeth Woodworth, co-author with David Ray Griffin on excellent book “9/11 Unmasked, An International Review Panel Investigation”. Seven years, 23 people to give you the best consensus report on 9/11; The New Pearl Harbor; Why cover 9/11? new way of thinking about the Middle East; used to legalize repression at home – aggression abroad; American imperialism; PNAC; the media’s part in cover up; climate change; media bought out by fossil fuel co’s; trump and environment; JFK-Cuban missile crisis; the drills on 9/11; Bldg 7 not in 9/11 Commission report; where’s the video’s? hijack simulations; Global Guardian; Indian Point; Guiliani and much more. We are living in a post 9/11 world based on lies.

 Meria interviews filmmaker, history teacher John Hankey on his latest film “Is Donald Trump For Real?”. Cambridge Analytica’s plot in 2012 for a candidate to take advantage of the 72% that believe 9/11 was an inside job; Creating the psychological warfare, then finding the candidate; trump is Bush 2; Bannon & Cambridge Analytica; Chris Wiley; how to get “believers” to vote republican; Bannon & Ted Cruz; trump on Lee Harvey Oswald and 9/11; Mike Pence the war criminal; anthrax and bombs; same script; “I Was Hitler’s Boss” by Captain Mayer; recruited puppets; Robert Gates and Israeli psy-op group and the election; back to JFK; the Zapruder film edited; Who and why JFK was assassinated; CIA and Watergate; the power elite and much more. Support John’s next movie.

Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Nikki Haley gone; 5 Catholics on Supreme Court backed by Federalist Society & Knights of Malta; Who is Kavanaugh? Believe women. Men are victims too of sexual abuse; the sham FBI investigation; Election 2000 & the Supremes; the Electoral College; “Code Red” & “Survival of the Richest”; paid protesters? trump fans were always there waiting to be picked up; trumps supposed wealth; The film Chappaquiddick; God installed trump; FEMA; the lack of the sacred; weather manipulation; youtube; exhaustion;IMF on world economy.

The Bigger Picture, with Meria & Michael Reccia. Listener questions answered; Michael’s new book; how to relax? creativity; what is intelligence and do it take it with us? Personality? the sum of all your experiences; learning disabilities; getting a new set of clothes;”What Dreams May Come” & “Quantum Leap”; what does the “demon drink” attract? Caution on drugs for spirituality; what is your purpose for spiritual journeying? building your next house; absence of the sacred; flesh binds you to this drama; and more.

Hell & High Water with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. Hurricane Florence; Hurricane Maria and trumps denial;Scott Stevens on the weather; we need a coup more than ever;Think Florence & Fukushima;40 nuclear power plants in path – some same design and builder as Fukushima;impeachment takes too long;Satanists against trump – who are the real Satanists? Burning Nike;North Carolina’s pig farmers worry;NC preferred profit to protecting their coastline;freeing up more methane gases-trump;alternative facts; the Op-Ed;GOP traitors/enablers;help your neighbors don’t count on the government; trump on 9/11;still no true accountability for 9/11/01;trumps kids and more.

Meria interviews Jonathan Simon, Election Forensic Analyst, author of “Code Red, Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy”. Did trump “win”? where’s the proof? election counting in secrecy; media silent on stolen elections;Kris Kobach;voter suppression;Corporate elite governance; the benefits of 2016’s “election”;What’s changed since 2000? we need a verifiable vote counting system; how Congress stays in power with little approval; the midterms-election theft again? gerrymandering;paper ballots and recounts; patriot or hatriot; US is dead LAST in election integrity; the red flags of 2016;exit polls; the 2017 Georgia election blatant; and way more information.

 Tragedy and Hope, with Meria and Richard Grove. The importance on 9/11/01 truth;words as weapons of control;Guiliani;truth is what strong people say it is-John Gatto;objective truths;intellectual self defense;Eisenhower;despotism;trump and Google;truth is found by science;Operation Mockingbird-the start of fake news;Globalism’s goals;reading is fundamental to freedom;banning books;changing history;real live communication;Robot means slave;Gary Webb;”A Very English Scandal”;Jimmy Savile;media cover ups;political cover ups;Catholic Church and pedophiles;the USS Liberty and more.

Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Bridge collapse in Genoa (can it happen here);extreme weather;astrology;Calif. fires; trump emboldens lunatics; coded language; Omarosa slammed by trump (all the best people?);trump pay offs; buying loyalty & silence;Manafort case (pardon?);Sacha Baron Cohen;Jim Carrey’s portraits; riots in the 60’s vs today; white supremacists (how);Stephen Miller’s uncle;100 newspapers and trump; stolen elections never in MSM;Yemen war;Argentina and drones; fake savior groups;Aretha Franklin;Peter Strzok and lots more.

The Bigger Picture, with Meria and Michael Reccia. Hard to connect these days due to the heaviness of the Field;Earth scratching an itch through our thought pollution;return to spiritual truth;Everything is alive;the movie “Extinction”;has technology taken over  thinking?bless everything;life flows through everything;the absence of the sacred;puppets of the Field of negativity;core vibration;you are building your next home;solidifying Earth-hardening of her arteries;most are unprepared for their next journey;dead to our true selves;materialism and ego;the longing for home;drama vs. experience;we change the world one person at a time.


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