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Round robin on the madness; beyond demand supply concept; shipping from trucks to planes; economy has been collapsing; corporate culture; greed & power over life; cooking; the poor stay poor; what happened to upward mobility; cloth vs. paper; how to get thru this; Cuomo vs.trump; seniors or the economy (madness from the”pro life” gang); the goals of the maniacs -Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, etc; opined crisis kills, no action; air pollution; Mother Earth seems to have sent us all to our rooms; Religion, spirituality; 2020 the year of clarity one way or the other; stay out of fear and in the present.

The coronavirus fears; intentional release? What messages are being received; How long will this last? Why has this been released on the planet? complacencies; the “I Am” is love; love conquers fear; music -the international language of love – Italy & Jerusalem; music as a healing vibration and it’s all vibration; enjoy the education on site during this period; ignore, observe & take action; we all pick our entry and exit; health and tips to boost your immune system; tips and tricks to boost your morning; fill the void and much more useful information. Monnica’s special.

What’s the U.K.’s plan? who benefits? look to the outcome; Orwellian lockdown state? forced vaccines? censoring anti-vaxxers?evidences and coincidences; Wuhan’s Bio Safety Level 4 lab; World Economic Forum’s simulation; Gates Foundation; Israel says vaccine in 90 days? 5G; consider all possibilities; cause and effect; Holographic reality; world  cult; chaos is the currency of control; Problem-reaction-solution; economic upheaval towards a new system; Agendas 21 & 30; Artificial intelligence; psyops; Dr. Richard Day in 1969; depopulation agenda and AI; Divide and conquer; trump; and loads more. Stay calm.

Sotomayor’s honest dissent  causes trump to want her and Ginsburg recused from his cases; the concept of justice is different for us vs. them; trumps embarrassing trip to India; Insulting India’s culture & food; Where’s Pelosi? Jeff Sessions; Julian Assange vs. trumps “quid pro quo”; deals to anyone that benefits trump; trumps pardons; Roger Stone; Bloomberg; publicly grifting us; Coronavirus – 5 G, vaccine, Bill Gates, Event 201, Chemtrails; remember 9/11 and the exercises going on that day; Bernie being demonized by MSM; MSM’s part in getting trump elected, free tv ads; past presidents; broken promises, the debates  and loads more.

How to achieve peace among the chaos; lots of sickness this year; The state of the world needn’t be the state of your life; eliminate self criticism; fear is the absence of love; What?Me Worry? (see show 2/13/13 in archives); “what does the god within want today?”; let go of the past; dis-ease; re-member who and what you are; add the sacred to your life; tips; “today I choose love”; live an authentic life; you are here for YOU; find the lesson within the challenge; raise your frequency; working a job you hate? Roll the dice on yourself; and lots of upbeat spiritual tips.

2020 is the year of clarification; trump derangement syndrome; the propaganda SOTU; Rush gets the Medal of Freedom? WTF; the Tuskegee hero did not; using people as props; nothing but lies; Pelosi rips up trumps speech, he ripped up the Constitution; the sham “Impeachment” trial; trump unleashed; precedent set; democracy=mob rule; Iowa – WTF – Buttgieg, Bernie & the Shadow App; still trying to knee cap Bernie; Hillary needs to go away; John Kerry; the Coronavirus; Wilbur Ross; distraction? flu kills 50,000 a year; the Super Bowl; the dancing monkey is really King Kong; situational awareness.

Calamities around the world, from Puerto Rico to Africa; “The World Is A Ghetto”; Jimmy Carter, JFK, Obama, trump; the true controllers; the movie “They Live”; Rich and powerful get away with murder; Hillary; impeachment; the lies on Iran; The Shah of Iran; terrorism; MSM; more news from late night hosts; protests in Iran? social media used as mind control; Isolation; Harry & Meghan; “The Irishman”; Sebastian Maniscalco; loss of critical thinking and loads more

Meria With Bev ConoverYear In Review; 2020 on deck; what have we lost? can we get back on track; question everything – who benefits? foreign policy; Who’s to blame; limited hangouts; Baghdad; MSM lies from JFK to trump; Putin & trump; Cuba; Guiliani & Venezuela; Clinton impeached for wrong reason; the Post Office; young people; civics; impeachment then and now; why no emoluments charges? Nixon & MSM; rumps mental state; golf costs; the budget bill; “Secure Act”; Medicare”advantage” plan; where’s the healthcare? The Family; Bernie; end Citizen’s United; constant election cycles and more.


“So this is Christmas”; homelessness; kids in cages; Don’t celebrate the messenger unless you got the message; 1984 & Brave New World blend, when does it end? Main stream “media” vs. voices for truth; Katie Kadan; Shooting Stars from Elvis to Hendrix; Our views on last week’s debate; Wine Cave and Eyes Wide Shut; “The Family” series; A Christmas Carol with Guy Pierce; charity, empathy, love; The Witcher; random acts of kindness; anti-social media; Isolation is a killer – smile, befriend; impeachment hearings; 2020 – a year of clear vision and lots more.

Meria with Donald Jeffries “Crimes & Cover Ups in American Politics 1776-1963“; Crushing dissent and free speech on “social media”; money buys social media; Harvey Weinstein-two sets of laws; our system of injustice; public defenders & plea deals; The Afghanistan Papers trillions wasted -cut food stamps; trump on Judaism; taxation without representation; consent of the governed? history repeats itself; Average worker earns less than $30,000 a year; Bob Chapman; the war on seniors; “Minority Report”; why no babies? living paycheck to paycheck while the rich get richer; the Stock Market and trump; Vanity Fair on the market; shootings at our bases and loads more.

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