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 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria.DHS on enforcing federal marijuana laws;Happy 4/20;Exxon wants waiver for Russian oil; corporate donors to trumps inauguration-Pay to play; Scientists protest on Earth Day;oil spills in Ohio;Carter Page, trigger;OReilly gone;Jon Ossoff;Russian interference in French election; Erdogan,dictator, trump biz pal and friend; trashing the Ocean;Where’s the USS Carl Vinson? DREAMER arrested;Ivanka gets trademarks from China;millenials detest trump & Ivanka;Ann Coulter rejected;Chaffetz; AJ latest; shingles & vaccines;No.Korea amps up;China sends troops to border;Pence amps up; Jared Kushner -gangster; bad cops; voting machines stolen in Georgia;can’t afford medications; white terrorist arrested in Texas;Manafort advising China;Maxine Waters calls for impeachment; tax dodging corporations, the 35% myth of taxes;Iraqi’s starving; troops to Somalia;and more insanity.


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