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Meria interviews Peter Janney, author of the excellent book “Mary’s Mosaic, The CIA Conspiracy to Murder JFK, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace”. Peter was best friends with Mary’s son Michael; What kind of woman was Mary? What did she know? Why was she assassinated? CIA wives; Peter’s fathers part in the conspiracy to kill Mary; CIA & drugs; can’t control free will; LSD & MKUltra; Using psychedelics for world peace; JFK’s lover and friend; Katherine Graham a CIA asset; what happened to Phil Graham? CIA’s control of the media; Mary killed weeks after the Warren report was released; CIA orchestrated JFK’s death; the cover-up; the patsy – Ray Crump; The lawyer Dovey Roundtree; JFK’s speech on 6/10/63; the movies “13 Days” and “Executive Action”; JFK murdered by domestic opponents; 50,000 papers plus not released on JFK until 2029 and more. Meria HIGHLY recommends this book.

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Meria Interviews Richard Grove of www.tragedyandhope.com on how to think and decipher reality.

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Meria with Jim Fetzer, former Marine Corps Officer. Memorial Day from a Veteran’s perspective; Why are we in Afghanistan and will we ever leave? Think precious minerals, lithium, poppy fields, oil; USA is looting Afghanistan the same way they looted America; Bin Laden & Saddam Hussein – how many deaths do they get? “Mission Accomplished”? Yvonne Wachter interview (see archives); all the crash sites on 9/11 were fabricated; enriched uranium in Iraq, new weapon; why were the towers targeted on 9/11? Flights 11 & 77 weren’t even scheduled to fly that day, and the other two weren’t decommissioned until 2005; why no attempt at rescue or recovery at Shanksville? Holography; real videos – fake planes/real planes -fake video? Check out the latest video discussed on the show; 9/11 Conference in Vancouver in June; Live on location; where is the anti-war movement on 9/11? Living in a total police state; JFK fakery – Billy Lovelady; George HW Bush and JFK; and much more.

**Beginning in July Jim will be a regular monthly co-host!

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