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Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. ticking of the nuclear clock;JFK Conference;13,000 more JFK documents released (not all); the trump cult of psychosis in America;why the resistance to truth? who funds your “alternative” media? fear vs. strength; the decapitation of original thought; the given accepted “normal”;spiritual understanding vs. fear;Hillary vs. trump;Jeff Sessions;Roy Moore;Kevin Spacey etc; divide and conquer now reaches women vs. men (as predicted); are you really a patriot or christian? What if Obama did and said what trump does; is trump bi-polar or a really good actor;Americans twisted sexuality; inequality and abuse and lots more.


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Stars R Us, with Meria & Joseph Anthony. November’s astrology. Moving through Scorpio and transformations;Mars & Pluto square-drugs, mind control, frequencies;AI,Aliens, UFO’s; “too many humans”;3rd Full Moon in Taurus – beliefs, finances, resources;back to basics;Neptune love is in the air;Mercury in Sag;Venus in Scorpio;romance, partnership, sexuality; sexual harassment revealed; sexuality used to create reality;Venus conjuncts Jupiter -very fortunate;New Moon in Scorpio;transforming society;Joes new gallery “Art And Soul Sedona”; shock and outrage on New Moon, Sun in Sag on the 21st and personal horoscopes.


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