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Roaring Truth With Meria and Jim Fetzer!

The Boston bombing show trial;Aunt & Mom Identified older brother in police car, where did slashed body come from?Death in police custody;writing on a fiberglass boat?Who was in the courtroom? fabricated footage;beard and no beard;similar to Hussein’s wife at trial;Who is Chris Wachter?John Remington Graham,esq “it’s the backpacks stupid”; not enough evidence to indict;Boston Globe: drill; Craft Intl’s backpacks;Chris Kyle;Eastwood;same m.o. as Lee Harvey Oswald;Germanwings-was it suicide?liquid laser;subverting freedom with religious freedom laws;police state;Jade Helm-3 months is an occupation,not a drill;provoking Russia;Putin/Iran/Israel;the media covering up/ignoring the encroachment and horrors of the effects of Fukushima and much more.

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