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Hell and High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Net Neutrality dead today;Chuck’s all better, how? The word of the day is CAPITULATION; trumps “nothing burger Summit”; selling condos to Kim? trump vs. Mattis;praising dictators while slamming allies;trump “trusts” Kim (2 liars); China;Kim succeeded; the trump doctrine; Ivanka’s $80mil richer;Dennis Rodman insanity; war on Canada?gangsta wanna-be to dictator wanna be;Kudlow’s heart attack;G6 & Russia;the Presidential records Act;witness tampering being normalized; two sets of laws; human rights? trump can’t talk about it; kids in cages, disappeared kids, separating families “christian ameriKKKa”; increased warfare under trump;Un-American president & fans; killing pre-existing coverage under Obamacare;electing evangelical judges; Guiliani-stupidity rewarded for the 911 criminal;anti-christ? and more insanity.

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