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Archive for December 2020

 Meria interviews author Dan P. McAdams on his latest book “The Strange Case of Donald J. Trump, A Psychological Reckoning”.

trump: mesmerizing and unique, no one else like him; he is a reality t.v. star 24/7; he is a character not a full fledged person; PTSD; stable genius?superman? why his fans adore him; he is more than a person, and less than a person; he has no story; what you see is what you get; there is no thinking here; no empathy; episodic man; lies with impunity; has to win at all cost; there is no “deep” with him; does he have a mental illness? is he a national security threat? running out of lawyers; what he’s capable of doing after leaving office and much more. I highly recommend this book especially for his mesmerized fans.

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