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2020 brought clarity on so many issues; Janet Yellen -old establishment returns; markets up; GSA gives in; the system still wins; the run off in Georgia; unemployment, food lines, evictions, job cuts; Texas; Georgia; Hillary vs. Melania; trumps family of grifters; Ben Carson’s “healing” cost $650,000; free milk-now free vaccines? electoral college; checks and balances ? Jimmy Carter and the CFR; armed madhouse; Rudy; Rittenhouse; Covid 19 vaccines-nanoparticles and RNA; experimental; inflammation; brain fog; Perdues, Mercers and Sacklers; trumps loose lips and more.

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Meria speaks with Bev Conover, publisher, editor of the Intrepid Report.

trump supporters try to invade ICU’s; cleanest election in years; Pence and the 25th Amendment; fired by tweet; censorship on social media; New Yorkers always knew about trump; Lindsay Graham should be arrested; holding trump accountable – will Joe? democrats don’t learn; Biden-more of the same; Pelosi; the impeachment; trump is ruined; Covid 19; Florida; DeSantis; Texas; Latinos; Native Americans; the vaccines; hate crimes up  in 2019; GOP’s future-party of the rich; Bernie & progressives; hoarding again; the rushed Amy Barrett and loads more.

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The election fiasco (never in 70 yrs have I seen anything like this); trumps sets Barr on election, top prosecutor quits; trumps dangerous firings; Mark Esper fired on twitter; GSA & Melania blocking peaceful transition of government; Georgia-thank you to Greg Palast and Stacy Abrams; Chuck’s facts on Georgia; covering stolen elections; covering trump is literally sickening; will trumps prosecution happen? Obamacare and the Supremes; Steve Bannon threats; Rudy Guiliani’s press conference; Putin’s timing of stepping down; Russia and 2016 election; SNL;Family Guy; trumps dance music; lame duck capable of anything; world view on USA and election and lots more.

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