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Archive for August 2020

Meria With Gurmeet Singh – Vedic Astrology

Meria interviews Vedic Astrologer and Author Gurmeet Singh. Fascinating show. Western astrology vs. Vedic Astrology; KP astrology; his predictions on Covid 19, Steve Jobs, trump, economy are amazing; He foresaw the “invisible enemy”; re-opening; changes coming Sept 24; After Jan. 21 less death from Covid; bad time for the USA through 2022; will the economy recover? when? things take a downturn for trump in Oct/Nov; investigations, health; the election; 2 things can happen; Predicted Kamala as VP and Obama in 2012; daily horoscopes vs. real astrology; His book “Relationship Compatability Astrology For Love, Intimacy & Business”. Can you predict compatibility? sexuality; divorce; health; love, violence tendencies?

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Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli.

Coronavirus; we have no consistency, no leadership, no direction; Russia’s “vaccine”; the world looks at the USA in horror; Bill Gates; unemployment; Larry Kudlow; trumps insanity worsens along with his lies; Biden; christian “right”; schools reopening; Amazon-South Park; Post Office; Elliott Abrams; Secret Service; “shooting”? near White House; JFK; deep state? it’s OUT in the OPEN; Dan Quayle; John Edwards; America has lost it’s moral compass.

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