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Meria Heller - How Trump Stole 2020

 Meria With Greg Palast – How Trump Stole 2020.

Greg Palast, investigative reporter, guest on the show since 2000 returns with his latest MUST READ book “How Trump Stole 2020”. He gives loads of SOLUTIONS to steal our votes BACK. How trump stole 2016; this is not a prediction but a call to arms; George W. stole 2000; expanded sophisticated methods today; apartheid elections; ending the purge; 16.7 Million purged; check your registration and vote; mail in votes; gerrymandering; Kemp vs. Abrams; rise of Kim Crow; Kris Kobach-KKK; Supreme Court’s poll tax and more.

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We talk about the news and how his books “Survival of the Richest” and “Bullyocracy” apply; stimulus money to the rich and cronies; the king of bullies-trump; Lt.Col. Vindman resigns from military due to WH bullying; celebrities and churches got billions; Pence’s church; 1 1/2 billion to dead people; illegals; wage slaves; paying less; killing the middle class; 92% of the market owned by top 10%; social security; JFK Jr to RFK Jr; idiocracy; nationwide anxiety; coronavirus; guaranteed income; Epstein-Maxwell and much more.

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