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Meria with Richie Allen, broadcaster. Fabulous show with Richie. Start off with some fun topics: Ben Portsmouth – Elvis – Motown; Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon by Dave McGowan; real history; The East India Tea Company; Columbus; we are peppered with lies and false history from birth; 6 Corps. run all media leaving good authors in the lurch; Markle & Harry; James Hewitt; Prince Charles & Jimmy Savile; Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein; The “Queen”; ABC/Royals/Epstein; Gideon Bull and anti-semitism hysteria; Bernie Sanders; Hillary & Boris and much more.

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What happened to the futuristic world of the 1964 World’s Fair? What did 1963 have to do with it? Where’s the talks for PEACE? solutions? boomers vs. Millennials – latest trigger; On demand society; Generation X; JFK and a timeline shift; all leadership taken out; 2020 – civil war? GOP/Christians; impeachment hearings; from JFK to trump; Roger Stone & Nixon; Jimmy Carter; cold snap; “this too shall pass”; Tesla-trump-Bush; we are now paid mercenaries for Saudi Arabia; MSM responsible for trump; free advertising 24/7;the balloon stabber and more

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Meria Interviews Bev Conover, Publisher and Editor of Intrepid Report.

The elections last night; election 2000 recount; Ky & Va go BLUE; Jim Jordan; Nixon; Sondeman Quid pro quo; public hearings next week; impeachment; trump moves to Florida; Paula White; separation of church & state? losing our freedoms; where’s the MSM? Bernie & Warren; the selective news; trumps wall; enemy of all life on Earth; New York & trump; Fox “news”; coverage for all; the debates; corporations as people; trumps ta returns; Pompeo & Hannity; Tesla & George Trump; dead eyes; and more.

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