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Archive for December 2018

Meria with Jonathan Simon, Election Forensics Analyst, author of “Code Red, Computerized Elections and the War on American Democracy”. The 2018 elections; voting online? ask Marriott; cyber theft;Georgia, the poster boy for stolen elections; Stacey Abrams lawsuit, what’s it missing? Misinformation campaigns; 8 yrs for voter mistake? Why? Florida’s recount is a joke, bans hand counting of 99%; the Founders and the Senate; Electoral College; Wisconsin protests; vote on trump in Mid terms; Ocasio Cortez vs. the male millionaires; Paris protests vs. the US; Vote with your dollar; get out of the big banks; the Collier Brothers and lots more.

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Meria interviews Author Mitch Horowitz on his latest book “The Miracle Club, How Thoughts Become Reality”. Mitch is an award winning historian and leading New Thought commentator. The Secret; take action; the mind goes beyond the physical; the law of attraction, there are many laws; the mind is the tool of causative thoughts and actualization; programmed from birth; talking to your younger self; time is relative and bendable; “Wrinkle in Time”; Napoleon Hill; existing in two different worlds; the occult vs. religion; manifest or selection; two worlds, the seen and unseen; wealth comes from within; mind metaphysics; petitionary prayer; imagination the creative force and much more.

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