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Archive for October 2018

Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Nikki Haley gone; 5 Catholics on Supreme Court backed by Federalist Society & Knights of Malta; Who is Kavanaugh? Believe women. Men are victims too of sexual abuse; the sham FBI investigation; Election 2000 & the Supremes; the Electoral College; “Code Red” & “Survival of the Richest”; paid protesters? trump fans were always there waiting to be picked up; trumps supposed wealth; The film Chappaquiddick; God installed trump; FEMA; the lack of the sacred; weather manipulation; youtube; exhaustion;IMF on world economy.

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The Bigger Picture, with Meria & Michael Reccia. Listener questions answered; Michael’s new book; how to relax? creativity; what is intelligence and do it take it with us? Personality? the sum of all your experiences; learning disabilities; getting a new set of clothes;”What Dreams May Come” & “Quantum Leap”; what does the “demon drink” attract? Caution on drugs for spirituality; what is your purpose for spiritual journeying? building your next house; absence of the sacred; flesh binds you to this drama; and more.

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